Founded in 1947, the FSUUHSAA has a great following of members. Organized by batches, the high school alumni have produced their own batch websites, facebook and twitter accounts, yahoomails and gmails etc. where the members can always surf should they be looking for their batchmates. This homepage is one place where you can find what's up, what's in, and what's new of the alumni association. The mechanical gear stand  for precision. The hard hat symbolizes preparedness and concern for safety. The industrial plant with the green background represents progress aligned with sustainable development and environmental concern. The computer symbolizes technological expertise. The two (2) entwined olive branches represent the equal tandem of artificial and human intelligence in the attainment of technological growth and development The torch signifies the zeal for life and intelligence held high by arms which represent industriousness.The open book and pen symbolize the continuing desire to gain, impart and produce knowledge. The two (2) olive branches represent the acquisition of knowledge and triumph over ignorance. The shield represents the tasks of nurses in promoting health, preventing illness and facilitating diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The Caduceus represent the knowledge and skills required in the care of individuals. The word Caritas means to love, which is considered to be the essence of the Nursing Profession. The three (3) green bars  signify the 3 levels of clientele of the Nursing Profession, namely; the individual, the family, and the community. The eagle stands for alertness, bravery and strength. The scales represent justice. The cross symbolizes faith and commitment to service. The sword held in the center by a firm grip symbolizes unshakable faith in the justice system which is represented by the scales on both sides. The olive branches stand for  peace. The building represents the corporate and entrepreneurial world. The blue rings around the globe symbolize well-rounded, globally competitive business professionals. The line graphs represent the financial arena, and the upward pointing arrows at the end signify the readiness to work towards growth and progress. The microscope generally represents Science, while the pen represents the Arts. The two (2) entwined Olive branches symbolize the harmonious balance between Science and the Arts. The horses symbolize power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, and freedom. The torch embodies the zeal for life, truth and intelligence. The abacus symbolizes accuracy and tradition. The three (3) Mathematical blocks   represent Reliability,  Professional Competence and Accountability.


Latest Members

Edgar M. Obico Jr.
Patrick Alain S. Callanta
Bea Korina Plaza
Jessie Saldua
Regine Flores
Rocelyn G.Cantanero
Aaron Nicolie Tolo
Cayla Esma
Joesam O. Casiño
Reina Fe G. Adlawon
nicole kaye
Queenly Deah A. Ecarma
Jessriel M. Azarcon
Henry L. Villarina
Archie Rapaniza Guzman
Julie Rose P. Moreno
Jason R. Caingcoy
rica mae perez olaivar
Al John Cupay Atupan
James F. Cabrera Jr.
Jhun Rey Moral Paluca
Renato Raphael C. Hechanova
Dary Jhon A. Palaran
Nida Delantar
Glennet Marbel B. Marban
Sheena Renae Yee
irish marie  catalan demegillo
Ma Nimfa Antoniette Magalona

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